Twitch Points & Commands

"When you follow me, you get extra points!... Oh & I also get stipples....."

-TechCubed 2016

Hey guys! Chriso here! There is a points & rank system that I have put in place on the channel in order to bring some fun interaction & activities to the essence of the room! Trust me when I say, I value your interaction on a seductive level..... :P *joking of course*

You will find you can do some interesting stuff like: Request songs, Skip songs, Control sound effects, Apply to be a Moderator & coming soon you will be able to spend those points on **PHYSICAL REWARDS**. (Shirts, Hats, Pens, Stickers ect)

You earn points by simply watching the stream, every 5 mins you will recieve 15 points! If you are active in the chat, then you are rewarded with some extra bonus points just for being active! Cool right!? There are also other ways you can earn points, for example; Tech cubed hosts random giveaways that usually pertain to a death in game or a jump scare & the usual reward for the winner is 200 points! There is also a minigame that runs roughly every 5 - 10 mins. This minigame will allow you to bet any amount from 1 - 5000 points and you have a 50/50 chance of winning %25 of your bet extra! Fun right!?


Twitch Commands - Everyone


Show a list of all commands in the chat room


Reveals a countdown until Tech Cubeds next birthday


Shows a list of people currently hosting Tech Cubed


Displays the current date in Tech Cubeds part of the world (Australia)


Displays what current game difficulty Tech Cubed is playing with


Displays a link to Tech Cubeds discord chat. All are welcome


Displays a few options in order to donate to Tech Cubed (All donations are appreciated)


Displays the current game the Tech Cubed is playing

!give10 - !give(10,20,50)

Gives away your points to a target user e.g: !give10 wetbuttdisease = user gave 10 points to wetbuttdisease


Displays how many watch hours you have and what position your hold in watch hour rankings


Shows you some handy commands relating to the points system


Explains in chat how to request a song. Must have 4 watch hours to request a song


Displays how long you have watched Tech Cubed stream overall


You can hug other users in the chat e.g: !hug Notrab91 = TechCubed hugs Notrab91!


You can kick users in the face! e.g: !kick Notrab91 = TechCubed kicks Notrab91!


Shows a list of mods for the current game


Shows you the bots name


Displays the next requested song in the list


Shows in the chat, the permissions that you recieve once you have reached a certain rank withing the chat


Explains what points are and what they can do


Shows how many quotes from Tech Cubed are stored


Query a random funny quote from the Tech Cubed database


Displays your current rank


Shows you the next rank you can achieve


Explains all the ranks and what is required to reach them


Alerts you as to what is required in order to rank up


Rolls a random number


Shows a list of sound effects that you can activate. You must be ranked a Pro Sausage Handler in order to use sound effects


Allows you to slap other users e.g: !slap Notrab91 = TechCubed slaps Notrab91 with a (random funny object)


Shows the name of the current song and who requested it


Displays how many points you have along with how many watch hours


Displays the current time in TechCubeds part of the world


Displays the top 10 people with the most watch hours


Displays TechCubeds Twitter account


Tells you how long TechCubed has been streaming


Displays TechCubed YouTube account