Advanced - Smooth - Undetected

Symbot is a premium overwatch color aimbot designed to help
you start pwning your enemies with precision and accuracy!

Packed with features!

Are you sick of all the "other advanced bots" not having enough features...?
So were we!


Undetected & Fully Eternal!

SymBot is an external color/pixel aimbot which does not touch Overwatch's game memory at all. This means..... "IT WILL NEVER BE DETECTED"!

SymBot uses advanced features to ensure that you are completley safe from Blizzards monitoring abilities. Symbot also features a Custom Kernel Mouse Driver which is the most safest way to bot to date!

Features & Customization Galore!

SymBot was developed to stop the search for the perfect aimbot. A lot of the time, certain aimbots will only provide certain features.... but why not "HAVE ALL THE FEATURES!?!?"

So thats exactly what we did! We took all the best features you can find including Aimbot, Widow Bot, No HP Aim, Ana Bot & the best part is.... ITS' INSANELY CUSTOMIZABLE!!!

Cheapest Prices Always!

These Overwatch aimbots are so damn expensive!... I mean, what is this S#!T?!

Once again... we felt the same way! There are many price options that can cater to everyones needs! It's up to you!


We pride ourself on being the "most affordable" Overwatch aimbot on the market!
Contact a Moderator or Creator on Discord for purchase information!

  • 3 Months
  • $70
  • The best package! Grab your 3 month access for a discounted price!
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Want to try before you buy?

We know that most people have their doubts about trying out a new aimbot.
That's why we offer a 24 trial for only $5 USD!

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